Firefox 6 is out!

Firefox 6 is out!

The new development cycles that Mozilla has implemented for Firefox started to bear fruit since they were launched different versions of development. Soon there began to be tested the new features that this release would bring to all its users.


The results can now be further verified with the speed with which new versions reach the stable releases. The latest fruit to reach the stable release was version 6. Is ready and can download it via the official form of the Mozilla FTP.

Mozilla plans to release this new version pointed to made next Tuesday, but the results of all tests that were being made by many users of these versions allow development to accelerate its maturity and the result is in sight.

Another practical result of the adoption of shorter development cycles and the availability of the test versions has allowed these new versions of Firefox have far less intermediate versions and tests when compared with the past in that it required several beta and RC.

This new version of Firefox yet to make major changes in the interface, giving attention to and development of new Internet technologies. The address bar is highlighted to show the area being visited, new menus for web development, a significant reduction in startup time for those using the Panorama and other news. Can refer to them all the site development of this version of Firefox.

If you want to have version 6 of Firefox today see the links provided below. You can alternatively use Firefox and verify that the update is now available.

License: Freeware
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Download: Firefox 6 Final Windows EN [13.3MB]
Download: Firefox 6 Final Linux EN 32Bits [14.4MB]
Download: Firefox 6 Final Linux EN 64Bits [15.9MB]
Download: Firefox 6 Final Mac EN [28.1MB]
Homepage: Firefox