Gavern Framework to 2.0

Gavern Framework to 2.0

Today, we have upgraded all templates based on Gavern Framework to 2.0. version. We have implemented a few new important features to all our Joomla! 1.7 templates.

Below, there is a list of features added:

  • All layout CSS rules have been rewritten to use box-sizing property instead of table and table-cell values of the display property. Now, template layout should look much better especially in IE7 where table/table-cell values caused a lot of problems.
  • For Google Fonts we have added a new "Own" option which causes that you can specify your own font link and font name. It is really useful if you need to use specific subset of the font or load only specific letter using text= param in address.
  • All text phrases used in the templates are now based on the same prefix TPL_GK_LANG_
  • Now, it is possible to disable very heavy loading mootools libraries for specific pages (based on ID/option).
  • Fixed detection of the frontpage when multilanguage support is enabled
  • Better detection of mobile browsers
  • Fixed problem with switching between mobile and desktop layout on mobile browsers, especially problems with loading mobile menu on the desktop layout.
  • Upgraded list of the Google Fonts (now, it contains 229 items)
  • Support for new languages in the Twitter button: Dutch, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish.

Because most of the template files were edited, we recommend to overwrite all template files in order to upgrade the template to the latest version.