SobiPro - field types with examples

SobiPro - field types with examples

Component for Joomla! - SobiPro (www.sigsiu.net/sobipro.html) - like its predecessor Sobi2, allows you to define fields that will be used when adding an entry, and thus allow a better characterization than usual descriptive field. It can therefore be determined such as engine capacity, number of wheels, select region or district of the city from the list, or the color (s) or material type. Possible variations is therefore very much, so let's see what kind of fields that are responsible for their visualization.


In SobiPro are several main types of field types, which you can find in Fields Manager Tab:

Simple fields with single data, which includes:
input box - standard input field, generally used to enter name, item name, or phone. Interestingly, it has been enriched by the filter, used to define in detail what the values ​​in it are found, for example numbers, letters or even single letters. Too bad you can not add your own filters - such as one that would check for the minimum number of characters, not just the maximum.
text area - defines the large text fields in forms, so called. long field descriptors;
Multiple predefined data with multiple choice and single choice - for adding fields, where the user can select one or select multiple options such as yes / no or painted / black / metal. To add the options you choose in the second window (at the bottom), use the Add new option - and in the meantime in the Option Name - type the desired word of choice.
Special - Here we have only three choices: photo - so possibility to upload user image - drawing; URL - the address of any website; email - the address field enter the e-mail with the option of checking whether a given string is an e-mail.

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