One of the things that makes the Web Frame Design different is that we don’t just hand you a website, blog, or social media presence and then say “good luck!”

We seek to empower you to engage with your own audiences online — as much as you are willing and able.

Yes, we can fish for you. But we’d rather teach you to fish.

Whatever your business, today, with the dominance of the internet every organization must become a publisher of online content if they don’t want to lose audience and leave money on the table.

With the right training, managing your own website done by the Web Frame Design in Joomla! and WordPress, an open-source content-management system famed for its ease of use, is very do-able. We can also show you how to manage your own social networking in just minutes a day. With more than a decade of teaching experience on three continents, our staff can provide you and your people with the knowledge and tools that they need to effectively engage with your audiences online.